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Rouse Replies: How do you feel about the new food policy?

Jariah Johnson, Online Editor

October 21, 2013

“I think that's problematic, and I really don't think that rule is going to last very long and if it does it's going to be very problematic for everyone because, I mean, some of the APs don't even follow that rule. They walk...

iDance showcase Saturday

iDance showcase Saturday

September 27, 2012

Rachel Sloan’s Bio

October 4, 2011

Junior Rachel Sloan is in her third year on the newspaper staff. Sloan began writing after spending only one semester in Journalism 1, advancing into the newspaper staff as one of only two freshmen added to the staff. Sloan prefers...

First Time Flyer

Caitlin Topham

May 31, 2011

I rise out of bed in a zombie like trance. I fumble out of my bed and start to find my clothes for the day. Slowly but surely I get dressed and reluctantly grab my suitcase. My mom urges me to finish getting ready. Despite my...

Gloriana Stolle’s Bio

March 4, 2010

Gloriana Stolle is a junior at Rouse High school. This is her second and a half year on the Raider Rumbler staff. She likes writing columns, reviews, and quote sidebars. On staff, she especially enjoys taking pictures and delivering...

Rachel’s Bio

Rachel Sloan

January 28, 2010

Hey! My name is Rachel Sloan and the only accurate way to describe me is random! I am fourteen years old and a freshman at Rouse High School. I am very excited and honored to be one of the few freshmen on the newspaper staff. I...

Gloriana’s Bio

Gloriana Stolle

January 28, 2010

I am a fourteen-year-old freshmen at Rouse High School. I like to write about events and my opinion on things. I love to read all kinds of books, mostly science fiction and fantasy type stuff. I love being on newspaper, and am...