Raider Rumbler

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The Raider Rumbler is a student publication produced by the newspaper class at Rouse High School. It was established as an open form intended for the free and uninhibited exchange of ideas between the students and staff. Our purpose is to inform, educate and incite thought and debate regarding school, local and national issues. All stories and editorials are written to maintain journalistic integrity. The views printed do not necessarily reflect the views of the adviser, staff or Leander Independent School District.

Letters to the editor are welcome. Any letter submitted is subject to editing for length, content and grammar, although the intended meaning of the letter will not be changed.  Letters can be brought to the front office, the newspaper room (6203) or submitted by email at [email protected]

Production costs are covered through the sale of advertising, subscriptions and donations. Advertising information can be attained by phone at (512) 570-2060 or email at [email protected]