Raider Rumbler

Musical Review

Avery Smith, Senior Editor

January 31, 2020

       Theatre will preform their musical, Les Miserables School Edition, Jan. 30-Feb. 1 in the school's auditorium. All shows are sold out, however a limited amount of tickets will be sold at the door.      ...

Lending a helping hand

Junior Celeste Manzano with volunteer group after serving at Transit

Celeste Manzano, Staffer

December 27, 2019

Denying Depression


Chase Olson, Staffer

December 18, 2019

Likes are no longer liked

Celeste Manzano, Staffer

December 18, 2019

“You shouldn't have to worry about your popularity or the number of likes you get.” 

Metrograde misery

Metrograde misery

November 18, 2019

To meme, or not to meme

PSAT memes going viral on Twitter, hours after students have taken the test. Image courtesy of @jjpitts16 on Twitter.

Chase Olson, Staffer

November 7, 2019

Queen Gertrude 12, King Claudius 11, watch intensely as Laertes 12 and Hamlet 11 duel.

Fall Show Review

October 18, 2019

Student Section v StuCo

Student Section v StuCo

September 16, 2019

IT Chapter Too similar to the first

Chase Olson, Staffer

September 13, 2019

     It Chapter Two adapts the second part of Stephen King's hit novel It into a 3-hour epic that will send chills down your spine, but just not as much as Chapter One.       Since it’s been a while since the first part...

Will Jones’ Farewell

Will Jones' Farewell

Will Jones, Staffer

May 23, 2019

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