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First Annual Leadership Retreat

Sam Arreola & Mikaela Moore

April 9, 2010

March 26th and 27th marked two fun filled days where many Rouse leaders got the opportunity to go on a leadership retreat near Lake Travis. RAP, RADD, student council, the top leaders in athletics, and other influential Rouse stu...


Gloriana Stolle

April 7, 2010

Who does the word “friend” bring to mind? Someone that is just fun to hang out with? A boyfriend or girlfriend? A childhood buddy? However significant it is in life, friendship is something I can’t live without. So how...

Life is Hard Though We May Never Know Why

Courtney Elkins

April 5, 2010

Life is hard, though we may never know why, But it gets harder as the days go by. Throughout the day we may behave In such a way God knows we are saved. Life is hard. Life is rough But you can’t just quit when it goes...


Mikaela Moore

April 5, 2010

Once a week, every week; Advocate. Advocate is seen differently by everyone at school. Some people think it has no point and is a waste of time. Others find it very effective and important to the student body. Advocate was established...

Coltin Yates and the Spirit of Giving

Kate Pate

March 10, 2010

Coltin Yates, a sophomore at Rouse, has been collecting soda can tabs since last year for the Ronald McDonald houses, places that house children with diseases like Cystic Fibrosis. He went around at his dad’s work and asked...

A Wonderland Review

Mikaela Moore

March 10, 2010

Another of Tim Burton’s creations strikes again. Alice in Wonderland, which was number one in the box office this weekend, is another whimsical, bizarre creation by the mastermind himself.  With ideas and characters from Lewis...

Why Gossip?

Rachel Sloan

March 4, 2010

What is the emotional pull inside of us that makes us feel the need to poke our noses into someone else’s business? Is it the possibility of getting blackmailed, or is it just the thought that it would make us “a better friend?”...


Gloriana Stolle

March 2, 2010

Trust is something that is hard to earn but worth the trouble. Trust is essential in any friendship or relationship. Trust is the very foundation of any relationship and keeps the members of the relationship from falling apart....

An Unusual Sport

Mikaela Moore

February 24, 2010

Most people have played a sport at least once in their life. Usually the sports consist of basketball, football, or maybe soccer, but these are typical sports and played by many. However, my story is a little different. I participate...

Living in District 9

Rowan Armour

February 24, 2010

Spoiler alert! This gritty R rated movie is set in Johannesburg, Africa where a huge spaceship has become stationary and is now hovering over the city. Government officials cut a hole in one of the passages that opens up to reveal...

Get Involved

Mikaela Moore

February 22, 2010

The first semester is over and things seem to becoming a little more difficult as classes change and school work becomes more hectic, but with every door closed, a new one opens and that new door can sometimes be a stressful,...

Rouse Spirit Crew

Rachel Sloan

February 10, 2010

Even though Rouse only has freshmen and sophomores this year, we still have enormous amounts of spirit! Our attendance at games this year has been shocking, especially for such a small student population.  “Our school’s support...