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Jeremiah Sudarmanto
Jeremiah Sudarmanto is a junior staffer on the Raider Rumbler Newspaper. He is also a part of the Rouse A/V department and the Rouse Musicians Collective. Whether it's designing a cover for a music playlist, creating a rap song while wearing a monkey suit, recreating album covers at 3 in the morning, or making videos documenting a psychological experiment that required him to look homeless for a month; Jeremiah is not afraid to open Pandora's box and does not hesitate to make a story out of it. Although most of his time is spent behind the camera, with hobbies like videography and photography,  Jeremiah has decided to also spend some time behind the pen. It's his first year in the newspaper and he does not plan on holding back his love for storytelling. 

Jeremiah Sudarmanto, Staffer

Nov 02, 2020
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