Screening Shortages

Jeremiah Sudarmanto

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Lifting the Cloud
September 23, 2021

As a result of a new confirmed case of COVID-19 in the school district, Chief Communications Officer Corey Ryan urges students to complete their daily screenings to prevent future cases from emerging.

Students have been irresponsible and need to stop skipping their screenings.

With lack of screenings, students who have the virus can step into the school building without question. In addition, if someone happens to catch the virus from someone who did not complete their screening, the school would not know the source. This allows for more cases to develop, which will then result in a school shut down like in April of the last school year.

If students who possibly have the virus can enter their school without doing their screening, that makes every classroom they enter in a high risk zone. The screening assures that a student is well enough to go to school, and not having all students on campus verify themselves raises paranoia, and makes identifying those who infect others significantly difficult. If the source of the virus is never found, cases begin to grow, lives are endangered and everyone in the school will not get the chance to be on campus again.

Many think that the screenings should be removed completely because they are easy to lie on, but that emphasizes the true issue, the students. It’s their choice whether or not they want to be dishonest, like not completing the screening, which makes it their responsibility to confirm if they’re well or not.

Doing your screenings should be encouraged more. Chief Communications Officer Corey Ryan is right about students working together to try and have 100% of students do their screenings. Those who don’t do their screenings should not be allowed to enter the building.