Baking Through Life


Makenzie Schaible-Herold, Staffer

      Chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, gingerbread and lemon meringue cookies. The intoxicating aroma fills the rooms of grandma’s house on every holiday occasion. For senior Skyelle Monge, she was always helping her grandma with the cookies. Since she was little, Monge has dreamed of opening a pastry shop honoring the gift she shared with her grandma. 

     From baking with grandma as a kid to creating her very own recipes. Monge has perfected her baking skills 

       When she was younger, her great grandmother always had a plethora of desserts spread out across the table during the holidays. Baking with her grandmother is one of the things she looks forward to most when it comes to the holidays.

     “My great grandmother always baked and it would bring our family together, we were always happy when she would whip up a new dessert,” Monge said. “Most of the desserts I enjoy baking are things I grew up watching my grandma bake.”

   Monge bakes for holidays, friends birthdays, and there are times she just bakes to relieve stress. Baking provides Monge with a chance to make the people around her happy while stuck in this pandemic. 

     “My main passion is baking,” Monge said. “I like making homemade pasta, macaroons, pies and creme brulee, as you can see mainly desserts. Other than desserts, my favorite dish to make is either lasagna or fettuccine alfredo.”   

     Monge has always dreamed of going to culinary school with a minor in finance because she has always wanted to own her own pastry shop. 

     “After graduation I plan on going to ACC, not only is it a cheaper option, they have a new culinary program that I’ve heard some pretty good things about,”Monge said. “After I finish school, I plan on baking to my heart’s content and sharing my gift with the world.”