Grace Sorensen

Lily Thompson, Contributer


     Throughout these trying few months of quarantine, I bet we all can all agree it’s easy to find ourselves listening to the same music over and over again on repeat. We all need something new to add to our playlists. Because of this, I’ve decided to look into new music artists all around the Austin area and better understand their look into what it is like being a newer artist in Austin, TX. 

     This week I’ve been talking to Grace Sorensen, a local girl from Round Rock with a dream of being the next big thing in the music industry. Grace started pursuing her music career when she was only 15 and now has three released singles. While Grace grew up dancing, she later came to realize the reason why she loved dancing so much was because of the music and the way it made her feel. After she came to this realization she decided to try and put her own mix on what the industry had to offer. 

     In our brief interview she explains the industry as “beautifully personal” with so much room to grow. Grace explains how she uses her music to express her feelings and analyze her thoughts, almost like therapy to her. She explains how she wishes she would have started writing music earlier because of how much it has helped her express herself, she says how once she started “it always felt right.” With Grace now being 17, she has traveled back and forth from Austin to Los Angeles to record her music, yet still explains how Austin has influenced her music. Grace states, “growing up in Austin and being Hispanic definitely exposed me to lots of music genres such as tejano, blues, rock, some rhythm and blues, and much more. Today, I take what I know and blend them together for my current style.” Next time you are looking into updating your outdated playlist you can find Grace Sorensen on all music platforms. Check out her new single “Soul or System.”