Austin’s Graffiti

It’s never been a secret that Austin is full of life; from planned music festivals to impromptu karaoke nights, there’s something in Austin for everyone. For Sloake, a local graffiti artist, Austin provides a canvas just waiting to be painted.

Sloake began his spontaneous career in 1990, when graffitiing was just “street art,” and was not considered a profession. When he started graffiti, it was illegal and frowned upon. Over the years, ATX became open-minded and more supportive of graffiti art. Artists were originally weary of this new norm, and it took Sloake up until ten years ago to become openly comfortable expressing his art form.

“Inspired by the work of a local artist named SKAM, the movie Beat Street, and the laid-back vibe Austin gives off,” Sloake said. Sloake describes his guides as “those around me growing up, my environment, and my travels.” 

 Sloake remarks how if he were to be doing what he loves anywhere else it wouldn’t be accepted, Austin is his home. “My work is a representation of my personality and my feelings,” Sloake said. “My favorite part about being a graffiti artist is creating new art and meeting new people.” 

Sloake has ambitions as an artist, and where he sees himself in a couple of years. “I just want to continue to paint, grow as a person, and enjoy my life while I’m here.”