Hanging Tough

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   Running down the court passing the ball between teammates, he shoots, he scores. The game is in the bag for varsity boys basketball team.

   The season is quickly going by, and the team is still getting to know one another. Players have won some tournaments and are preparing for their last few district games.

   “The best part about being on this year’s team has been the great teammates I’ve gotten to play with,” senior captain Kyle Mitchell said. “We’ve all got along and hung out in and out of school. Getting to play ball with them has been even better.”

   While the team has been getting along, they still had to get used to each other’s strengths to play well in games.

   “It has been challenging to try and get a feel for how everyone plays and their tendencies,” Mitchell said. “None of us have played on the same team before this year, but we’ve worked through it and are comfortable playing together now.”

   Players were determined to not not let any difficulties stand in the way of them winning. In fact, they surprised some fans by earning some recognition that recent teams haven’t been able to accomplish.

   “This year we have won two tournaments,” Mitchell said. “I don’t think another Rouse boys team has won a tournament since 2011, and for us to win two, that makes it that much more special.”

   As the team winds down their regular district season, Mitchell hopes he and his teammates  continue winning and advance to the playoffs.

   “The most difficult part of ending the season will be the tough district games we have,” Mitchell said. “We’ll have times where we play bad, but we’ll have to get through those times and grind it out. Overall, I think we’ll be fine.”