IntoneNation goes to Lone Star Invitational

Alyssa Pavelka, Staffer

     Lone Star Invitational is a competition for students involved in extracurricular activities such as show choir. This year’s contest Feb. 24, and will be the second time for IntoneNation to participate in this annual event.

     Students will compete against 11 other show choirs from Texas and New Mexico.

     “Everyone will perform once, before judges choose the top six groups from the day,” assistant choir director Julie Rhodes said. “If we are one of the top six groups, we will perform again in the finals at the end of the day, when judges will choose a Grand Champion and runner up choirs.”

     Having experienced what the competition was like last year, the choir has a more focused goal for tomorrow’s performance.

     “The main difference from last year is that we have a bigger group and harder choreography for this performance,” senior Noah Austin said. “Last year we didn’t really know what we were getting into, but this year we know. We’ve been there before, we have experience, and we have a better goal.”

     Austin said the group’s goal for last year was to do their best, but this year, they want to make the finals.

      “We made People’s Choice last year and found out later we were one spot away from the finals,” he said. “We did pretty good for our first time, but I don’t want to leave another year without making finals. Especially, because this is my last year.”