Shoots and Hoops

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While most athletes focus on only one sport, seniors Gavin Sharp and Michael Forster do not. They both play football and basketball, and did not get a break between seasons. Sharp and Forster literally ended one sport and began the next, in the same week.

“There wasn’t much of a difference because we still had to wake up in the mornings and practice with the team, but it was pretty rough because we had no break between the two sports, which I was hoping for,” Sharp said. “It was also rough for me because I haven’t played basketball in a while, due to being focused on football and school.”

With this being their last year for high school sports, the two have high hopes for basketball season and sentimental value about it.

“I’m looking to make this the best season of my career,” Forster said. “My expectations include a district championship and a run in playoffs, but we’ll see where we end up. Either way I just want to enjoy the year. It’s bittersweet, being my last one.”

Forster has been going to the Rouse basketball camps since he was in the third grade and has played for four years in the program.

“I’m going to be sad when it’s all over, but it’s something I’ve really, really enjoyed and will always remember,” he said.

Senior captain Kyle Mitchell has had a lot to offer to the team having played for 12 years on both school and elite teams.

“The team has a lot of confidence in Kyle because of his experience,” Sharp said. “We strive to follow in his footsteps and trust him to take us in the right direction.”

Compared to past seasons, this year has had many changes, such as size and chemistry.

“We have a smaller group of players and we’re a lot closer,” Forster said. “So, right off the bat we had a great relationship as a team, and hope to build off of that.”