New Kids on the Block

This year we welcomed several new teachers to the Rouse family; here’s a quick introduction.

Jordan Buie and Destiny De La Paz

Meghan Bratton      
Algebra 1 & Co- Cheerleading Coach
3rd year
FUN FACT: “I love math so much that I’m getting married on Pi day! 3.14.15.”

Francis Vu  
Assistant Choir Director
1st year
FUN FACT: “I’m a professional dancer, and I teach Zumba.”

Meghan Hatsell
Child Devlepmont & Lifetime Nutrition
2nd year
FUN FACT: “My eyes change colors. (Blue, Grey, Green) depending on my mood.” Nicole Porter English 1 and English 4 2nd year FUN FACT: “I have four awesome cats! No, I am not a “crazy cat lady!”

Kelly Cooper
English 2 & 3
1st year
FUN FACT: “I’m definitely terrified of lizards.”

Laurel Taylor
Graphic Design & Animation
16th year
FUN FACT: “My favorite hobby is cake decorating.”

Kailah Ramsey
Biology & Swim Coach
7th year
FUN FACT: “I was a Ms. Texas contestant in 2012.”

Jaekyung Wellows
7th year
FUN FACT: “I am originally from Seoul, South Korea and have lived in 7 different countries.”

Victoria Barber
31st year
FUNFACT: “I used to deal poker in Reno, Nevada to earn extra money for my teaching license.”

Darin Bassett

Tennis Coach
1st year
FUN FACT: “I modeled “Under- Roos” underwear for Sears in 1972.”

Beatriz Villalon
Spanish 1 & 2
1st year
FUN FACT: “I graduated from Cedar Park High.”

Terricka Henry
1st year
FUN FACT: “I don’t like clothes hanging out of drawers. It bothers me.”

Maxwell Lee
World History & Gov./Economics
1st year
FUN FACT: “My whole family is from Canada.”

Rachel Schulz
Sheltered Math
7th year
FUN FACT: “I have taught in South Korea and Massachusetts.”

Christina Wallace
6th years of teaching 1st year of counseling
FUN FACT: “I always put my right shoe on first.”

Dustin Reed
English 2 & Assistant Football Coach
4th year
FUN FACT: “I have four plates and 24 screws in my face from a basketball injury in high school.”

Terry Bonner
Biology & Environmental Systems & Assistant Football Coach
29th year
FUN FACT: “I’ve been to all the major league parks.”

Kimberly Keiser
English 4, Assistant Volleyball Coach
10th year
FUN FACT: “my pinkies don’t straighten.”

Other Recent Additions: Thomas Chapman, Miko Bernstine, Vanessa Verhaaren