Snap into the Fad

Kate Pate

Snap! Ever heard the sound of a rubber band attacking human flesh? Snap! Ever seen it happen or had it happen to you? Snap! Have you ever had a rubber band in the shape of a heart whip against your bare skin? What about the shape of a dolphin? Or an umbrella? Most people have these days.

The Silly Bandz phenomena started in Japan in 2002 when a team of designers wanted to produce a fun and productive office tool. Flexible, colorful, multi-purpose bands that are mostly used as accessories rather than what they were made to be used for-hair ties, office supplies, etc. These cute little bands were first brought forth stateside in 2008, where they started off only being sold online, but popularity and demand made them grow into a full-blown product. Stores began to buy them as stock. Now, kids and teens all around America are discovering the joy of Silly Bandz,

“I think they are unique,” junior Lauren Hurst. “I like them.”

Silly Bandz are sold in many different themed packs, ranging from Disney characters to birthday images. They are also relatively cheap with 12 or 24 packs ranging from $3 to $5. Actually, stores like Toy-R-Us and Academy sell them in large buckets full of packs of different bands. Though not everyone finds Silly Bandz conform to their liking.

“They’re just too silly for me,” junior Calvin Barnes said.

Walk down the halls, kids have bands on their wrists or ankles, some even have them stacked all the way up to their elbows. Now, manufacturers have made glow-in-the-dark bands and even bands to wear as rings.

While the bands are currently popular, like many fads, they may die out sooner than later.

“It’s going to just be one of those random fads where kids only care about them for maybe a year then no one will even pay attention anymore,” junior Ryan Lambert said.