Sparks in the Park performance in October

Rachel Sloan

The Drama department will perform Sparks in the Park on October 14 and 16 in the auditorium.

The cast had been preparing for this show since Aug. 26.

“The cast is exactly where they should be at this point in the process,” Theatre Director Stephanie Smith said. “This is the most at ease I have felt about a show on our campus so far.”

The set for the show consist of a full bedroom set, including a loft bed, futon and desk. It had many inspirations, but the main inspiration for the stage decorations came from Technical Director Jennifer Mankovsky.

“When I was in high school and college I had a lot of things happen in my life,” Mankovsky said. “I dealt with most of them in a park nearby where I lived. I crafted most of the set around my memories of that park.”

The show features a student trying to write a play, and deal with typical issues in his life. However, when he tries to balance both, it doesn’t end well for him.

“The show will definitely be above average,” sophomore Zack Short said. “The play is so fun and stereotypical in ways you don’t expect. I think the audience will love it.”

The show features 21 actors and 13 technical members in the cast. In all, the show has 32 cast members and two students’ directors. It is one of the largest shows RHS had put on so far.

“The show is especially appealing to students,” Mankovsky said. “Because they have all in some way experienced what this character is going through.”

Tickets are $5 for students and $7 for adults.

“The audience will have a good time and laugh,” Smith said. “But it’s also going to touch their hearts.”