Cross Country Q & A with Nicole Kastens

Mikaela Moore

Why do you like running?

It’s a fun environment to be around. Coach Thompson’s awesome. It’s where all my closest friends are and we all stick together. When I don’t run I feel like a slob. It makes me feel more tired.

How long have you been running?

I started a little in the eighth grade but mostly since freshman year.

Do you have any pre-run rituals?

Our team prays. I used to eat the same Subway sandwich with sun chips and blue Powerade before every run. We listen to music, stretch and do drills.

What is your fastest time?

Two miles in 12 minutes

How do you think you will do at district?

Right now I think we will do really well because we’ve all been working hard. We’ve been getting in a lot of miles which keeps us close together. It will get us more points in district. I think we will dominate.

How often do you practice?

We run every day, before school and sometimes after.

What’s your favorite part about the cross country team?

How we all can go to each other and tell each other if something is wrong. And not have to worry about being judged. We are all just a big family.

What school’s runners pose as your biggest competition?

As of right now: Vandergrift and Cedar Park. Kelsey Camirino from Vista Ridge and I are in a battle to kick each other’s butts.

What are your personal running goals for yourself?

My goals are just to get to state and place top 10, have my team right beside me and to run with Helena Castle.