A Junior’s Column

Rowan Armour

Rouse High School has been open for two years and is now starting its third, which means that there are now juniors. Juniors are the reigning Alpha class of Rouse High School and the majority have been here since freshman year. Oh freshman year, oh how we all hated it. There were only a few things that were likable about freshman year and those were better cafeteria food, and lots of hallway space.

Speaking of hallway space, the population of the school has grown quite a bit since then and it’s not so easy to get past all the swarming kids that are all trying to get to their own destination. And please help us if it’s around lunch time! I’ve seen kids literally running down the halls so they can get to lunch sooner.

The principal change is a little strange for us, but I’m sure we can all get used to it. You would be surprised at how many people were talking about it on the first few days of school. Rumors are a curious thing. Some maybe true and I’m almost certain that most are not true, but people will talk regardless of whether or not it’s true. I think it was the first day of school that I heard that someone is pregnant and there’s already new relationships popping up here and there. I’m in band and we’re all like a family so there are no secrets and couples in the band are known about sometimes even before the boy and girl know.

Rumors will always be around and so will the crowded hallways, but it’s definitely interesting to see how the school has advanced and how some of the school’s students and traditions have grown.