Rouse Is Getting New Freshmen

RHS will soon have three different grades in the school. “Incoming freshmen should expect to take on more responsibility, projects, notes, and more,” said Ms. Neumann, a biology teacher at Rouse.

On the first day of school, freshmen should bring “Something to write with and a spiral notebook” said Coach Harrison. However, some teachers had a more joking opinion about first day supplies “Bring your teddy bear, in case you get scared. Some Play Doh, because you never know when you might need some,” said Mrs. Sneed. But there were also some serious suggestions given from her “bring your schedule, a flash drive, and a backpack.”  She explained that the schedule was so you could find the right class, the flash drive to carry any summer assignments in, and a backpack to help you not lose the papers you will be given. Freshmen will receive their books before the first day of school, and might consider placing those in a locker in order to not have to carry them on the first day.

“Millions of others before us have made it through and I believe the freshmen this year will too,” said Ms. Palazzolo who will be teaching World History next year. Freshmen should not be afraid to enter high school “as long as you do what you’re supposed to you’ll be fine” added Ms. Neumann.

Freshmen this year had knowledge that they wished somebody had told them at the beginning of the year. “Take good notes” said Jacob Fox. “Don’t skip school, because you’ll lose your exemptions” added Matt Doughty. “Turn your work in on time” said Nathan Knoblett. In general the opinion was: do your homework, make good friends, and learn your way around the school.

High school will definitely be a change from middle school, with lots of new things to get used to. “They will have to start keeping an assignment book, and deal with more responsibilities” said Ms. Neumann. Ms. Palazzolo agrees. “They need to get used to the six weeks marking periods and finals.” But, she also says that new freshmen should not be scared. “If you do what you’re supposed to, you’ll be fine. You have to try to fail.”

In the years since their high school days, the teachers said that a few things had changed, “Technology is definitely better and more helpful” said Ms. Palazzolo. “The teachers are definitely nicer and there is no more hitting with a meter stick” said Mrs. Smith. She later added “the hair styles today are a lot better than back in the 80’s!”

As a closing remark in most of the interviews teachers added “NEVER EVER TURN IN YOUR WORK LATE!” exclaimed Mrs.Smith.