Merit Awards honor students and 10 Ethical Principles

Merit Awards honor students and 10 Ethical Principles


Principal John Graham congratulates freshman Corina Dominiguez (center) during the spring Merit Awards ceremony Thursday, May 2.

Rachel Sloan, co-Editor in Chief

Almost 200 students received merit awards Thursday, May 2 in the auditorium commending their work in carrying out the Leander ISD’s 10 Ethical principles. Students were nominated by teachers around campus and attended the 7:30 a.m. ceremony that parents came to watch.

“We can teach you physics and we can teach you calculus,” Principal John Graham said in his address to the students. “But this is really something the student has to grow inside them.”

The 192 students were comprised of 55 freshmen, 43 sophomores, 60 juniors and 34 seniors.

“I really feel acknowledged that I made an effort in my classes,” junior Austin Thompson said. “And that I represent the success of the school.”