Editor obsesses over annual Girl Scout treats

Rachel Sloan , Co-Editor in Chief

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, a phrase I’m sure we’ve all been told at some point. But is that always good? Because I can only buy Girl Scout Cookies once a year and I’m not totally sure if that’s good or not.

I suppose it’s good because then I’m not constantly eating them all year round and gaining weight, but then again, would I be eating them so many if they weren’t for a limited time only? People go crazy over these cookies, I go crazy over these cookies!

I ran across campus during Advocate to buy a box of Peanut Butter patties from someone that I tweeted to discover she had cookies (also if you want to gain favor with me, that’s a sure fire way to do it). I have a problem! And I don’t know if I love having this problem or hate it.

But I know I’m not alone because if I was it wouldn’t have taken me four Girl Scouts to find one that had peanut butter cookies left. Perhaps, I’m just the only one openly admitting I have a problem. Because let’s be honest, the fact that senior Briggs Schraeder is constantly feeding me cookies means he has a problem too (Sorry Briggs, I couldn’t go down alone)!

Then again, fads usually bring us together (Harry Potter nerds, Twilight fan girls, etc.) and this fad is annual so maybe it’s something I should respect and enjoy while it’s here without questioning my addiction to cookies.

Overall, I suppose the good outweighs the bad as far as these cookies go, considering the only bad is that I have a problem with limited time things and feel if I don’t get enough when I can I might die before I ever get that chance again. Also, will there be Girl Scouts in college?! This is a serious issue I may need to address before choosing a university.

And I just discovered that there is a Girl Scout cookie app, so I gotta go find that and be my own enabler. Because I really need some more Peanut Butter patties.