COOL Week gives seniors real world job experience

Rachel Sloan , Co-Editor in Chief

COOL Week began Feb. 4, during February Conference, for seniors and lasted throughout the week. Seniors were placed in a field of work they hope to pursue after high school, job shadowing employees and learning more about the profession.

Thirty-three seniors participated, an improvement from last year’s numbers.

“We are really excited about the increased participation,” College Transition counselor Kim Adcock said. “It’s an awesome opportunity to experience work in the real world with help from a professional in that industry.”

Students were deployed to businesses in the area including the Austin Community College ECS office, Hill Country News and schools outside LISD. Students who could not be put in their field of choice were placed in a related field. Senior Trevor Riek worked at JE Dunn civil engineering contracting company all week.

“It has really helped me narrow down what I want to do within engineering,” Riek said. “It has shown me that I want to do more of the physical engineering and not the high management work. I learned a lot about the profession.”