In honor of Valentine’s Day, students share their first kiss moments


Jariah Johnson and Rachel Sloan

“I was in the seventh grade and she was my girlfriend for three months and we were hanging out at the park in mid-December, I was freezing cold. And she just grabbed my hand and kissed me. I walked home, got in my house and started crying because I thought she would get pregnant from the kiss.”
-Tanner Parker, 10
“It was wet and gross. He just grabbed my face and slammed his face into mine. I never wanted to kiss him again.”
-Aubrey Cornelius, 11
“It was by my mother, two seconds after I was born.”
-Andrew Pfeiffer, 11
“It wasn’t fancy, really. I was at the movies with my girlfriend and the mood just struck me.”
–Catherine Wade, 10
“I got my face licked, that was my first kiss. I pulled away and told him I thought he was gay. He was wearing a V-neck.”
–Deanna Snyder, 10
“Mine was on a mountain on a ski trip, it was really cute.”
-Brandy Giordano, 12
“Right before rehearsal, he was about to get on the bus and they were leaving and I walked away. But then he ran back, spun me around and kissed me.”
–Adryelle Villamizar, 12
“We were standing in front of the bathroom mirror and all her friends were like ‘Do it.’ ”
-Logan Fish, 10
“It was really nervous for me and I had butterflies. After it happened, I thought about it all day.”
-Kayla Taylor, 9
“Horrible. Unexpected and horrible. I’ll leave it at that.”
-Noah King, 11
“Well, it was sophomore year, and my girlfriend at the time was a freshman. She was wearing a ‘Kiss me, I’m Irish’ shirt and brought my attention to it and kissed me. For the rest of the day, I had on a stupid grin on my face.”
-Mitchell Reaves, 12
“This one girl that I used to like came up and kissed me. It was unexpected and awkward, like really awkward.”
-Michael Underwood, 10

“Her friends pretty much betrayed her. She was crying on the bus and I was comforting her, and then we kissed. We ended up going out the next day.”
-Ian Anderson, 11
“It was great. Really sweet and it gave a nice feeling in my heart.”
-Kara Yezzi,  11
“So it was after school and we were hanging out as friends. We were talking, and he goes on and says ‘Hey, we should totally kiss’ and so I went with it.”
-Tabitha Solis, 10