MARATHON MAN: Tennis coach to run 26.2 miles for charity on Leap Day

MARATHON MAN: Tennis coach to run 26.2 miles for charity on Leap Day

Tennis coach Michael Hjort will run more than 100 laps around the track Wednesday in his effort to complete 26.2 miles before and after school. Hjort hopes to raise money and awareness for the Ronald McDonald House.

Rachel Sloan, Editor in Chief

Waking up at 4:30 a.m. Running 13.1 miles. Teaching all day long. Finishing off another half marathon after a full day at work. These will all be part of tennis coach and US History teacher Michael Hjort’s day, this Wednesday. After hearing a radio ad last week, Hjort decided to run a marathon on Leap Day to benefit the Ronald McDonald House, a charity that houses families while their children are being treated for cancer and other illnesses.

 “As a coach I think it’s great fitness,” Hjort said. “And it’s a cause America has been struggling with so I’m happy to support it.”

Hjort will be running it in two segments; starting at 4:30 a.m. Wednesday he will run the first 13.1 miles before school, and then complete the second 13.1 miles after school. This will not be Hjort’s first marathon, he ran his first one over Christmas break this year.  

“Depending on the weather the afternoon portion may be interesting,” Hjort said. “But I’m going to eat my bananas and drink my pickle juice through the day so hopefully I’ll be okay.”

Hjort has encouraged teachers to come join him before or after school. He’ll have a jar on the track for collecting donations. It is recommended that people donate a dollar for every mile. The goal of One Day Race is to raise $25,000 , one dollar for every mile required in a trip around the globe.

Participants can walk or run, Hjort simply asks that they e-mail him their mile count so he can post it on the Onedayrace Facebook page.

“It’s a great chance to accomplish a new year’s resolution,” Hjort said. “This day only comes around once every four years, so this is your chance for a second chance.”