If you’re mad at me, let me know.

Rachel Sloan

A sly look.

A missing phone call.

Whispers about you.

Somehow we are all supposed to know when someone’s mad at us and why. Nobody tells me when they’re upset, they don’t tell me what I did. They just expect me to know. Well I’m not an incredibly observant person, so am I just out of luck? Am I supposed to constantly ask if people are mad at me just because we haven’t talked in awhile? To me that’s more annoying and makes me mad even if I’m not already.

When I start getting calls at 1 a.m. from a guy I don’t know, yelling about how I was rude to his son and give my number to his girlfriend attempting to hit on her. And days later getting a call from an U.S. Army recruiter about how a government vehicle was defaced with my phone number. Well it’s at this point that I realized someone was clearly mad at me.  I have no clue what I did, why they’re mad, or for that matter who it is. All I know is that clearly they had some kind of vendetta for me and that I may or may not deserve it.

So what’s my solution to the problem? Be blunt. Stop beating around the bush and expecting the world to just know how you feel. If everyone was more straight forward and actually said what they meant, I imagine the world, especially high school, would be exponentially easier. So next time you’re mad, or upset, or sad; just tell people!