Dance teams come together for one stunning night

Rachel Sloan

Twelve dance teams. One night.

Annually held at Leander High School, iDance showcases the middle school and high school dance teams on one night, on one stage. The concept seems simple and nice, but in reality it means so much more. To watch girls who compete against each other all year come together for one night and one audience was a truly amazing thing.

Not only was the concept nice, but the dancing itself was breathtaking. Each performance upstaged the one before it. From middle school to high school, I witnessed the dancers’ skill levels increase and their passion come through. Each team shined, however it was hard to out-do the Leander Blue Belles. Attribute it to the home field advantage or to their long history, they were definitely the stars of the show, which is truly making a statement considering the phenomenal dancing that took place.

Each team had its strengths and showcased them for a fantastic night of performances. From the competition routines to the all-male ‘Guard’ dance, the show was worth my admission cost twice over.