Review: The Golden Globes Recap

A Wrap Up of the Memorable Moments at the Golden Globes
Graphic made by Samantha Nowlin using Canva
Graphic made by Samantha Nowlin using Canva

After Covid-19 took place they have been trying to bring back the attraction of the Golden Globes. This year they set the record for funny, cringey and entertaining moments.

The 81st Golden Globes took place on Jan. 7, 2024 at the Beverly Hilton. According to Variety Magazine there were around 9.4 million people who tuned in. Their ratings increased by 50% from 6.9 million. 

Celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Jenna Ortega, Ryan Gosling and Billie Eillish were in attendance. As they came onto the red carpet memorable looks came from Florence Pugh, Margot Robbie and Taylor Swift. 

They featured 27 categories throughout the production. With presenters ranging from Dua Lipa to Don Cheadle. They changed the nominees from five from previous years to now six per category due to complaints about a lack of diversity. 

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Big names in the industry went head to head. Succession won Best Drama TV Series. Barbie won best Cinematic and Box Office Achievement, which is the most popular movie among people who went to theaters. Ali Wong won Best Actress in a Miniseries or Motion Picture for TV, for her role in Netflix series, Beef. 

As the night continued there were lots of captivating, controversial and exciting moments. An uncomfortable moment with one of the hosts took place when Jo Koy made misogynistic comments on the Barbie film that produced lots of dirty looks from the crowd. The cameramen worked over time when they zoomed in on Gomez and Swift having a dramatic talk that people spectate was about Timothee Chalamet. Soon after Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell take to the stage for a nostalgic moment where they did a comedy skit like they did previously in 2013. All of these moments made this year’s Golden Globes feel like a real award show. 

Among the moments of the awards sparked records breaking. Lily Gladstone made history when she became the first indigenous actor to win an award at the Golden Globes as best actress in a motion picture drama. The drama series Succession took home a victory where they tied with The X-Files and Mad Men for most wins for best drama according to The Hollywood Reporter. The most Globes won, with seven in a night for a movie, goes to La La Land, but Oppenheimer is the first film to come close since then with five.   

With so many moments for viewers to talk about, the Golden Globes brought back the traditional award show. Since Covid-19 award shows have lacked authenticity. The 2023 Golden Globes set the record for award shows this month when they binded talent and creativity to create a ceremony enjoyed by many.

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