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Review: Wildfire

Author publishes second novel in debut series Maple Hill
Meghna Ganesh

“For all the romance books I’ve read and all the happy endings I’ve enjoyed, I can’t imagine my own. I’d like to hope I’ll have one, but hope can be dangerous.” – Wildfire by Hanna Grace. 

Russ Callaghan, the beloved character from the previous book in the series (Maple Hills #1)  Icebreaker finds himself crossing paths with Aurora Roberts, after their initial run in at a party that leaves them both confused and unbalanced. The two of them find themselves reconnected at a summer camp, where they both signed themselves up as counselors for the next 8 weeks. 

With Russ not wanting to break the camp counselor fraternizing rule, and Aurora wanting to do the exact opposite, both characters find themselves stuck in a bubble of tension and banter as they try to navigate these two months, scattered with teasing hoots from their 13 year old campers as well as the other camp staff. 

This book is a light read, suited for people who are missing the summer feels. The novel is short and sweet, filled with banter and aww – worthy moments, as you dive deeper into Russ as a character. 

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Maple Hills as a series is one of the year’s most anticipated returns after the success the first book had. Author Hanna Grace claims that each alternative book will be set in the college while the rest of them will be set in new settings to make the series feel less monotonous. 

The book has cute interactions from returning characters such as Anastasia and Nate as well as the rest of the ensemble, who pop in and out of the book to help Russ and ‘Rora out. 

This book felt like a warm hug to read, as I re-entered the universe that was filled with lovable characters like JJ and Nate. Oftentimes characters’ stories intertwine in sports romance series, but I found myself not getting bored of the same characters at all. I loved the way the author brings in the young campers into the story line, in a way that isn’t cheesy or cringe worthy. 

I felt as though the book stretched a little in the middle because the miscommunication trope dragged the two characters apart for a little while. However, I loved reading through both the characters point of views, and seeing how both of them, who initially came from pasts that made them doubt themselves and their worth, slowly start to make themselves a priority. 


Overall, I would rate this read a 6/10. 

Plot – 6/10

Characters – 5/10 

Writing style – 7/10 

Logic – 6/10 

*Editor’s note: Meghna Ganesh is a student writer. All views expressed in the commentary are her own and are independent of the district, Rouse High School and the publication.

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