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The School Newspaper of Rouse High School

Raider Rumbler

The School Newspaper of Rouse High School

Raider Rumbler

LISD Announces Vincent Hawkins as Principal

A New Experience for Hawkins
Addyson Mehrens
Principal Vincent Hawkins experiences the first home football game of the 2024 season. Rouse beat Anderson High School 42-21 on Friday September 1st.

On July 27, LISD announced Vincent Hawkins as the new principal for Rouse marking the school’s third principal in four years.

Hawkins has been with LISD since 2019. He started as an assistant principal for Glenn High School, then in January 2022 he became an associate principal. He had previously taught U.S History, World History, Advanced Placement World History, Government and Economics for both Round Rock ISD and Georgetown ISD.

“The way I carry myself, I know it’s important,” Hawkins said. “I know being the principal is that I represent Charlie Rouse, I represent the teachers who are here, students that are here, and the students who have graduated.”

Hawkins. A husband. A father. A mentor. A role model. A person you can talk to. Somebody you can relate to. He had an unexpected career change which led him to finding his calling in education.

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While Hawkins attended the University of Houston Law, he realized he didn’t want to be an attorney. He went into corporate sales but then he decided to work as a licensed banker. 

“My dad just felt it was important to have a graduate degree, so I did that,” Hawkins said. “His motto was you have your whole life to work, so figure out what you want to do, and do lots of different things.”

The summer after law school, Hawkins married his wife, who at the time was a second-grade bilingual teacher in Buda ISD. His wife, sister and grandmother inspired him to pursue education. 

“I was fascinated with how my wife connected with second graders, and it just seemed she really enjoyed what she was doing,” Hawkins said. “My sister was also teaching in the Houston area, and my grandmother taught for 40 years. All of these people were in education and seemed to love what they were doing.”

The transition from lead assistant principal at Glenn to principal at Rouse is seamless for Hawkins. 

“My kids went to Stiles [Middle School], so I’m familiar with a lot of the kids and families here,” Hawkins said. “It’s great kids, great community, great staff, so it’s really been a pretty easy transition.”

Hawkins is trying to connect with as many students and staff as possible. His goal is to visit every single classroom by the end of September.

“I had the pleasure meeting with Project Grad, and PTSA,” Hawkins said. “I’ve been to a tennis, volleyball and football game. I’ve got to meet with the band and I went to a DECA meeting. I’ve been trying to connect with as many different students groups, organizations and teachers as possible.”

One of the things Hawkins intends to do is to make sure every voice is heard from the students and staff members.

“It starts with communication, finding ways to connect with all grades, organizations, school leaders, department heads to auxiliary workers,” Hawkins said. “To really hear what it is about this place that people love. When someone brings something to me, I respond in a way that everybody feels heard no matter what their level is.”

 Hawkins plans to engage with the parents and the community by attending all the school events, allowing him to make strong connections. 

“It’s more powerful when I show up to choir, theater, student council or the clubs and organizations in CTE,” Hawkins said. “I show up when the parents are going to see their children and I’m present in their space they are comfortable in.”

For this year, Hawkins does not intend to make major changes to the school other than communicating with everybody.

“It’s really about information gathering for me for this year and supporting the things that have been established,” Hawkins said. “One thing that I’m fortunate in being the principal, is that this school is doing very well and the only changes that I would make is to communicate with staff members, students, and parents for where they want to go.”

Hawkins is impressed by how the school has many successful programs, such as DECA, UIL Academics, sports, etc. It is very different compared to other schools he has been to. 

“Most high school campuses are known for their football or a certain club or academics,” Hawkins said. “They aren’t able to do all of them and to be on a campus with all the successful areas is pretty incredible.”

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