The Amazing Katherine

Senior Katherine Lewis receives a new car while painting her Spiderman inspired parking spot

Hannah Thompson

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Precision and patience run through senior Katherine Lewis’ veins as she paints her Spiderman-themed senior parking spot. Lewis’s uncle and dad watch her careful manner as she fills in the baseline with the blush red shade three paint. Lewis noticed the car parked next to the spot, assuming it was one of the football player’s cars, but her family had actually gifted and surprised Lewis with a new car.

“I was really happy that I wasn’t going to have to buy my own car,” Lewis said. “I was like ‘ooh, that’s a couple of thousand dollars in my pocket still.’”

Lewis’s uncle is a part-time professional artist who has been doing art since high school. He helped Lewis complete her parking spot by doing the chalk baseline and helping her mix paints to create the perfect shade.

“It definitely made it feel like my senior year was starting,” Lewis said. “My favorite part had to be when I did the letters. They were so cool and looked awesome after I added the drip.”

After being interested in comics and the Marvel universe for many years, Lewis decided to star Spiderman in her spot. Her obsession really began after she met Stan Lee at Comic Con.

“I had a lot of ideas [for the parking spot],” Lewis said. “But I really like Spiderman. Plus, who doesn’t want a parking spot that says they’re amazing.”

Lewis chose a parking spot right next to her friend, Ella Lewis, by the athletic building so she is close to where she has to go most mornings.

“When I’m done with practice, I can just head out that way,” Lewis said. “When I’m going in early, I can have a spot automatically there but mainly it’s because I’m lazy, I don’t want to have to walk all halfway across campus to get to my spot.”

With Lewis’ mom being the secretary for Project Grad, it was simple for Lewis to decide to buy a senior parking spot. Senior parking spots cost $150, and after a little number of people bought spots, the spots were open to juniors as well.

“I honestly didn’t want one when it first started,” Lewis said. “[But after getting one], it definitely made it feel like my senior year was starting.”