Rouse Royals Take Orbit

The Rouse Royals have been performing in the auditorium for their famous Royal Revue since 2008

Hannah Thompson

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After three years, the house lights dim and the curtains slowly open as the senior Rouse Royals stand in their costumes, waiting to perform as they make their debut on stage once again, completing their full orbit.

“Being on stage is so surreal because the last time I was on stage was freshman year,” senior Brianna Shawhan said. “It’s really exciting to finally have a full circle moment, and be back in the place where it all started.”

After persevering through two covid school years, these seniors have finally relived the moment they once had their freshmen year as rookies.

“It was tough with the two covid years but it’s really refreshing being back,” Shawhan said. “Getting to experience it all again and acclimate again was really important and meaningful.”

With covid restrictions, the Rouse Royals had to change locations of their Royal Revue to the gym. The Rouse Royals have been performing in the auditorium for their infamous Royal Revue since 2008, so the 2022 performance on stage was definitely a comeback from last year.

“I personally didn’t like performing on the gym floor because I feel like I perform best on a stage,” senior Hannah Helmke said. “It was definitely scary, the unknown of coming back, but now that it’s finally here it’s a super great feeling.”

The class of 2022 have overcome the struggles of online dance and socially distanced dance. Their sophomore year was cut in March of 2020, and they’ve been on “pause” ever since. The Rouse Royals senior class have connected immensely over the past four years.

“We have collectively grown together as a senior class,” Shawhan said. “We want to make it great and have fun and keep going into it with positivity.”

With over 960 people watching Royal Revue performances each year, the Rouse Royals perform to loud crowds.

“When I see my family in the audience cheering me on it means the world to me,” Helmke said. “They motivate me to get better and to never give up so when I see them in the audience, it makes me so comfortable.”