Unravel Review

Unravel Review

Anastasiia Grygorieva, Contributer

The game Unravel was developed by a Swedish company Coldwood Interactive. The game started gaining popularity shortly after it got released and launched worldwide in February 2016. The game’s developer and creative director is Martin Sahlin. The game is available on PS4, Xbox One, and Microsoft windows and costs $19.99 to install.

Unravel is a puzzle game with an amazing plot. The main character is an apple sized figure named Yarny, made out of red wool. Yarny fits well with the aesthetic of the game and is a lovable and adorable character. Yarny uses the wool he is made of to pass through obstacles and get to his destination, in the process the wool slowly unravels which requires for the player to think about every move they make to use the least amount of it. When the wool unravels the player has to look for little yard balls to tie onto the character for the ability to move further. The player can also go back at any moment to change the moves they made by having Yarny climb, walk, or swing on his own string. Though it can sometimes get frustrating when you have to go back a couple steps because you ran out of yarn. Since the character is so small this game pays great attention to detail, which makes it very enjoyable to play. Sahlin got the inspiration for the game after creating a little Yarny doll during his family’s camping trip in Sweden, which is why the landscape in the game is inspired by Umeå, Sweden

Starting out with an old lady placing down a photograph and dropping a ball of yarn, the main character is formed. The game had a deep and emotional plot. Yarny travels through photographs to see the lady’s  memories as well as find little scrapbook pieces along the way. Along the way the player along with Yarny is introduced to happy and sad memories of the woman’s life. The memories start out as happy and light while being supported by a beautiful landscape in the background. Further into the game they progress into darker and sadder memories as well as a darker theme. The plot of the story teaches to pay attention to little things in life.

I really enjoyed playing this game and would rate it a 9 out of 10 because of how well made it is. The plot is deep and emotional and the emotion is perfectly transferred to the player because of the design choices and not just the story itself. The game also does a great job at making the movement of the string very realistic as well as other things in the game. As a person who doesn’t play much video games and doesn’t have much experience I would say that this game was very easy to follow. Everything from the backgrounds, to lighting, to the way the character moves in a clumsy way to show that he is made of wool is perfect and very pleasing to the eye when playing. The game pulls the player into the plot and makes it feel as if you are part of the story yourself. The game seems as if it’s its own little world. 

I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who likes a simple game with a cool plot. 

The game also appears to have a sequel where multiplayer is introduced. I am definitely going to play Unravel 2 with my family member and would love to see how multiplayer got used in this game. I’m sure that it will reach and go beyond my expectations.