Metrograde misery


Jill Le

Celeste Manzano, Staffer

     It’s that time of year where instead of blaming yourself for all your problems, you can blame all of your problems on the Mercury Retrograde. 

     The Mercury Retrograde, or as I like to call it, the Metrograde, is a time of year when the planet Mercury appears to be traveling backwards, causing bad energy to be transferred in space, leading to unfortunate circumstances to happen. 

     I first experienced the Metrograde in March of this year when my friends and I started  experiencing weird encounters and struggled with relationships. However, at the time we didn’t think anything of it. A couple months later, I was on Twitter and I came across a tweet in my timeline saying something about how, “Mercury was gonna be in retrograde, so everyone prepare for the worst.” I didn’t know what the tweet meant so I decided to do a bit of research and found that the Metrograde affects everyone differently, good or bad. 

     I found that this 20 day period  is a phase where everything that could go wrong usually happens three times a year; and everything does indeed go wrong. 

     When I was researching, I found that the first Metrograde of 2019 happened in the month of March, which made so much sense as to why March was weird and awful for me and my friends. After this, we started to prepare for the next Metrograde, which was in July. We made sure to not do anything crazy that would get us into any trouble and to not start anything new so we wouldn’t be affected. 

     Well, we were wrong. July was a roller coaster.

     Things like plans, relationships and travel were still harmed in this phase. It started to cause us to panic, leaving us scared and anxious for the next and last Metrograde of the year, scheduled for November. My friends and I have built up this fear towards the Metrograde for awhile now, but it’s slightly entertaining believing in an astrological phase and watching our  lives fall apart.

     So if anything inconvenient happens in the next 20 days, you don’t have to blame yourself or anyone. Blame Mercury for deciding to be in retrograde.