Tune in

Avery Smith, Senior Editor

     Competitions, concerts, camaraderie, rehearsals, sight reading and singing too. There are many reasons to love choir.

     “My favorite thing about choir is the people,” senior Katherine Earley said. “I love meeting new people and making friends, and it’s nice to meet people who love music and singing as much as I do.” 

     Earley is in both both varsity mixed and show choir. She has been in varsity mixed for the past two years, and show choir all four years of high school. 

     “I love to sing and I have always wanted to be a teacher somewhere in the music field so I could keep singing,” Earley said. “I did choir in middle school and loved it, so I decided to keep doing it. It has led me to try lots of new things, like show choir and musicality, and has helped me become a better musician.” 

     Choir practice usually starts off with vocal warmups for about ten minutes, and then they go into sight reading. After that they begin working on their current piece they are getting prepared for upcoming concerts. Sometimes the class will work on songs with both girls and boys, and other times they will split into groups and do sectionals to work on parts that they are either struggling with or have yet to learn. 

     “To prepare for competitions I do vocal warmups everyday to make sure that I have great technique, and make sure that I am very familiar with the music that I am signing,” senior Joshua Cominsky said. “I also like to do research on the music I am singing and try to figure out the message that it’s trying to send, or translate the words of the song when the song isn’t in English.” 

     Junior Beatrice Espada has been in choir since 6th grade. Today she is varsity mixed choir and show choir. 

     “I decided to join choir because I have such a passion for singing and I wanted to get better at it,” Espada said. “I love being able to sing every single day with a purpose, other than in my car.”