Gogh to Art Club


Asher McPherson

Social media officer Isabella Fritch Macias, Vice President Vicktoria Ramos and Historian Viviana Phan throw candy at Homecoming parade

Kaitlyn Tacdol, Online Editor

     Art club has seen an increase in numbers this year, and they continue to seek new members. They meet every other Monday in Room 6206 with the next meeting being Oct. 7.

     “You don’t have to be good at art to be in Art Club, you just have to immerse yourself in it,” club president Ayesha Khan said. “Art is for everyone; that’s [our mission statement].”
    When Khan had joined as an underclassmen, she noticed there was a trend every year. In the beginning of the year, a lot of people would join but throughout the year, numbers dwindled due to lack of communication. 

     “There was a disconnect, and it was hard to keep up with everything,” Khan said. “This year, we made it about what we have to do and what the members can do [with their abilities].”

     Because of this, Khan believes this method of working with members based on their abilities has made it more appealing to join. Another big factor in their rise in members has been social media. 

     “We definitely got a lot more people since we promoted ourselves more than last year,” vice president Vicktoria Ramos said. “People from last year reached out to their friends [to promote].”

     Art Club is currently in the process of making their own, collective presence in social media. 

     “We all know teens are obsessed with social media,” social media officer Isabella Fritch Macias said. “That’s the way to market now, and we’re all excited to bring in new members through social media.”

     Even though they’re still building their outer presence, the club doesn’t want to discourage any newcomers who want to join. 

     “I hope people continue to be aware of it,” Khan said. “We come here to have fun and to do things related to art – it’s not a high pressured environment. Art is all about going with your free spirit, creativity, and who you are inside. ”