Passing down the pigskin

Junior becomes starting quarterback


Sam Gibelhaus, 11 passing to complete a play

Celeste Manzano, Staffer

     The Varsity football team lost their first home game of the season and quarterback Jack Wingard due to an injury on September 6th. Wingard, unfortunately, will be unable to play for the rest of the season. Junior Sam Giebelhaus will step in as QB for the remainder of this year. 

     “I feel confident filling in Jack’s shoes,” Giebelhaus said. “I was very nervous starting my first game, but as the game went on, I got more confident.” 

     Wingard is also a captain of the varsity team. He plans on supporting the team by being loud when big plays happen and coaching his teammates to support one another on and off the field.

     “Supporting your team off the field is as important as on the field,” Wingard said. “I’ve always had one goal for myself and my teammates- which is making the playoffs and I still believe we can achieve that goal.” 

     Giebelhaus was originally backup quarterback for the varsity team. He will be starting for the next game against Cedar Park and the rest of the season. Giebelhaus believes the team will be fine for the rest of the year. 

     “It’s been stressful,” Gieblehaus says.“I’m just starting to learn how it goes being starting quarterback now, but I think we’re gonna do fine for the rest of the season.”