Captain Marvel Review

Will Jones, Staffer

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      Captain Marvel, the newest edition to the Marvel cinematic universe, is headed by Brie Larson as the charismatic, cosmic powered hero, Captain Marvel. The movie was released March 8 and received some moderate reviews and praise.

    I saw the movie March 10 and was not disappointed. The story was engaging with a couple twists and turns throughout. The story is simple, with two warring factions trying to destroy each other because of conflicting ideals. Although the base plot is simple, the way the directors handled the story of Captain Marvel and her journey to become a true hero was enjoyable and quite unique.

    My favorite part was Ben Mendelsohn’s character, Talos. As a skrull scientist sent to capture and extract information from Larson, he was funny and stole the show for the majority of the movie. In one specific scene, Mendelssohn, in full green goblin-like alien makeup, enters the room. The scene becomes tense, but the whole time Mendelssohn and Larson argue, he is nursing a milkshake.

    No one mentions that this man literally has a milkshake. The scene was absurd, yet it fit right into the narrative. I felt like that was a good example of what the movie was about as a whole, which was controlled absurdity.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and would definitely go watch it again if given the chance.


7.5/10 stars