Why I Love Spring

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Why I Love Spring

Rachel Schneidereit, Editor in Chief

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     Everything about spring time is just fantastic,well, except the allergies of course. Yet blooming flowers, warmer weather, sunnier days or days with small showers, spring break and even my birthday all definite this time of year, I love it. Spring is literally a breath of fresh air. After a cold and harsh winter, nature is making its comeback.

    I seriously enjoy being productive, and during the winter months it’s significantly harder. The springtime brings me so much motivation for working out, eating healthier, and staying on top of my work. The days are even longer, providing me more time to get everything done each day.   

    The weather is great for outdoor workouts, and I mean it’s basically pre-summer so you’ve got to get that summer body ready. The thriving nature makes it so much easier to be positive and happy. It’s just such a bright time of year with so much opportunity to be great. While the animals and plants come out of their winter hibernation, I do too.

    I’m a big fan of being outdoors. I grew up in California where the weather was consistently nice, but in Texas, when the perfect day rolls around, I have to take advantage of it. Those perfect weather days are much more abundant in the spring. I take the chance to hike, explore and travel outside with friends, family and even my dog too. I mean, you’ve got to use it up before it’s too hot to function in the near summer.

    For me, all of the wonders of spring are incredibly beneficial. It’s a short period of time in Texas that couldn’t be more perfect to me. Not to mention it was great we get a whole week out of school just to enjoy it.

    Just make sure you take the time to enjoy spring. Smell the roses, take some bluebonnet pictures and savor the season before it fades away again.

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