Dynamic dancers

Colorguard develops show as they push through competitions

Maddie Barker, Staffer

This season, the Rouse Winterguard is showcasing their indoor show “Dynamite.” Under the direction of Jen Barton, the team has worked to create a performance routine to compete with at contests throughout the state. At the Texas Color Guard Circuit competition Feb. 2, the group won their division, bringing home a Scholastic National Championship.

“The message of our show is a girl telling her boyfriend that they cause destruction to each other by being together,” junior Ethan DeCoste said. “In the beginning, there’s a lot of dancing and weapon tosses that go in rhythm with the music and incorporate into the explosion effect we try to execute.”

Throughout marching season, the guard provided an emotional and visual appeal in relation to the music the band performed. When the season ended, they began training for a production all their own.

“Focusing on guard without the band is scary,” freshman Kaitlyn Minney said. “When we go to contests, judges only look at our abilities as a guard. I like being a part of the band and the guard, because it feels like we are one big family.”

As the program continues to grow, members hope to expand their team and create new ones at both Stiles and Wiley Middle School. Currently, they compete in multiple contests with a  middle school team.

“The future goal for Rouse is to build the program to be the best it can be,” senior Megan Wood said. “Guard has been going really well this season. We like to think of ourselves as one with the band, like an extra arm or leg that helps create the full body of the Rouse Band.”

Color guard members incorporate a lot of dance and choreography, featuring sabers, rifles and flags. They showcase their talent using a range of different “weapons” throughout their performance.

“It’s an art that incorporates dance and physical activity,” junior Maria Telesforo said. “We  use flags and weapons to express the musical effects that are played and give a visual aspect to spectators. Our contest routine is really cool because we have visual components such as a special floor covering, costumes and props.”

With Barton’s direction and high levels of expectation, the team is having a lot of success, and they hope to see even more awards come their way. Senior Kenzie Falloon said the program has a different feeling than it has had in previous years.

“We kind of feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, when she finds the yellow brick road, and it leads her all the way to Oz,” Falloon said. “Jen is our yellow brick road. She has pulled us out of the dark place we were in last year, with a transition between directors, and she is making us into the best version of ourselves. We are finding our own Oz.”