Soccer players discuss what makes the sport


photo by Jacob Tacdol

ALIVE AND KICKIN' Before they take the field against Glenn HS Feb. 5, varsity boys soccer players huddle together and flash their R's to show team pride.

Natalie Sinha, Staffer

After countless hours of training hard and trying their best on the field, the soccer players are mid-way through their season. Staffer Natalie Sinha interviewed three soccer players about the season: varsity player Max Nichols and JV players Jeremy Garcia and Hailey Sanchez.


How is your team preparing for each contest during the season?

MN Every practice we train really hard.

JG – We usually prepare the same, getting our mental state right before a game and and making sure we stay focused.

HS – We practice after school until 5 p.m. and really work on our offense.


What are some team goals for the season?

MN We would like to make a run in the playoffs.

JG – We have a good squad, and we want to be the top team in the district.

HS – To beat Cedar Park, to try and stay undefeated and to get the most shutouts.

What are your personal goals for the season?

MN – To make varsity.

JG – To lead the team and help some of the young guys get used to playing at the high school level.

HS – To score three hat tricks.


Who are you most looking forward to playing?

MN – I can’t wait to play Cedar Park and Glenn because I have friends there.

JG – I think I’m most looking forward to playing Glenn because building a new rivalry is always fun.

HS – I am most looking forward to playing Cedar Park and Pflugerville. They are the two toughest teams in our bracket.


What’s your favorite part of soccer?

MN – The feeling after getting a big win at home.

JG – The emotion that goes into the game.

HS – Scoring a goal and hearing everyone cheer for you.


What has soccer taught you that carries over into other aspects of your life?

MN – Soccer has taught me to keep working until you get what you want.

JG – Learning how to stay calm with some refs and other teams.

HS – Friendship. You gotta be nice to everyone, respecting them on and off the field.


How did you get into playing soccer?

MN – I first started playing with my friends when I was about three years old.

HS – I was three and my parents needed somewhere to put me while they were at work.


What does the team do in a typical practice?

MN – We start with our warm ups and then practice passing and shooting, and we scrimmage at the end of practice.

HS – Definitely shooting drills and crossing. We do a lot of offense and defense, and sometimes JV plays against varsity to build up motivation.


What is the most difficult aspect of soccer for you?

MN – Running up and down the field.

HS – Losing. It’s tough when you give it your all, and you still get defeated.


What is something most people don’t know about the soccer program?

MN – In soccer, we are all friends and everyone gets along really well.

JG – Most people don’t know how connected we all really are. My teammates are like my family.