Appreciating Life

Staffer explains how to change outlook on negativity


Natalie Sinha, Staffer

   I often hear people complain about their life and how hard it is. Maybe they weren’t allowed to go to Starbucks, or they didn’t get the airpods they wanted for Christmas, their siblings keep stealing their clothes, or their parents keep admonishing them about the state of their room. And sure, that’s unfortunate, but life could be so much worse. We all need to be more grateful for all the good we have in our lives.

    I get that there’s going to be bad days – it’s impossible to avoid them. Sometimes you stub your toe, or you’re running late, or your friends are being obnoxious. That’s just life. However, acting like these minor inconveniences are major difficulties just isn’t necessary. Instead of spiraling about how rough you have it when one little thing goes wrong, we need to focus on all the things that are going right.

    Think of it this way. You’ve received a bad grade on a test? At least you get to receive an education – a privilege not everybody gets. You’re sore after being forced to exercise? At least you have functioning limbs, not everyone has that. You’re stuck in traffic? At least you have a car – something many people cannot afford.

    I’m not trying to undermine your struggle or tell you that you don’t have real problems. I’m sure you do. My point is this: it could be worse, and we all need to realize it. We have so much privilege that we take for granted everyday – our running water, electricity, grocery stores stocked with food, sidewalks and paved roads – just to name a few.

    We are alive during a magical time on Earth, with rapidly improving technology and a world that gets more interconnected every second. People who speak different languages that are a part of different cultures who practice different customs from different places can coexist in harmony – that’s crazy.

    Life is amazing, and all we have to do to experience it is appreciate it.