Band leaves legacy of strong work ethic

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Band leaves legacy of strong work ethic

Maddie Barker, Staffer

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   “Hard work is the key to success.” That’s been said a million different ways, a million times, but I have had trouble finding a statement that is more true. As humans, we are naturally searching for ways to improve and hold ourselves to higher standards than we think we can achieve. The problem is, as we continue to get better, the expectation needs to get higher, which some people don’t aspire to do.

    I remember the first day of summer band my freshman year. I asked a senior, “Is this worth it?” I had to make a decision. Was the fatigue, the stress and the mass amount of focus I knew was going to be required of me going to work?

    Rouse didn’t have the best reputation for band, and I was thinking this was going to be rough. I applied to and was accepted at Vista Ridge, a school which had a successful band program already established, but I could go to school at Rouse, for a chance to be part of a band on the rise. I could be safe and stay with a program where there was already success, or take a risk and help build a program that needed improvement.

    Last year, with the show, “Lotus,” Rouse became the ninth best band in the state, and there was a sudden pride and confidence behind our name. We were beginning to experience the results of hard work. We knew that focus and determination were going to be required, and we were going to be pushed past our limits.

    But everything has a purpose.

    It was a constant uphill battle, which continued into this season, but the hours we spent rehearsing “American Tapestries” were rewarded with top results and a sense of pride. Yes, it was hard, but I wouldn’t take back any drop of sweat, any tear or any bad note on my instrument.

    Next year will be my senior year and hopefully, our return back to state. I believe that we would have a chance to medal at State which would be an incredible opportunity for us to truly prove to everyone that we are only getting better. The band is going to continue to set precedence and show that they belong among the very best and knowing that I was able to be a part of the band’s rise is a rush of pride and love that I will carry with me throughout the rest of my life.

    The band’s achievements defined who we are, and because of our hard work, we achieved more success than most people thought we would. The legacy we are leaving behind is one of a strong work ethic, and the recognition we received will be a reminder for years to come.c 

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