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Seniors work hard to achieve admission to college of choice

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Rachel Schneidereit, Editor in Chief

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    With the beginning of November being the deadline for most college applications, some students have already been accepted into universities and are weighing the pros and cons to make their decision.

    “I’ve always wanted to go to the University of Texas at Austin, but once my brother started going to Baylor, I wanted to know more about what Baylor was like,” senior Paige Butler said. “I plan on majoring in political science in college, and then going to law school to specialize in either family law or criminal justice.”

    It can be difficult, but seniors are tasked with a choice to make about which school they should pursue their education. After the application process is over, there are more decisions left to be made.

    “The most nerve-racking part about moving on to college is moving out, which is scary, but also exciting,” Butler said. “Throughout high school I’ve worked really hard to get all my work done, and although there were times I was really stressed out, it has all been worth it.”

    Butler’s advice for those interested in attending college is to apply for scholarships and look at all aspects of one’s desired majors. Senior Jenny Ainsworth has also been looking at colleges and has been accepted into the university of her choice.

    “I chose the University of Texas because they have excellent programs, no matter what field you’re in,” Ainsworth said. “I am most looking forward to living in downtown Austin. I absolutely adore the city life, and I love the aesthetic of it all.”

    Ainsworth attributes her college acceptance to her high class rank and trying her best throughout high school. She hopes to be accepted into McCombs School of Business and to study accounting or possibly double major in accounting and economics.

    “ My biggest advice for students who might want to go to UT is to to try your best be in the top 6 percent for automatic admission,” Ainsworth said. “I didn’t have to worry about whether or not I would get in, and that took a lot of stress off my plate. Now I just have to focus on getting into my major.”