Positivity at Rouse

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Positivity at Rouse

Megan Olds

Megan Olds

Megan Olds

Avery Smith

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    Clubs such as Raiders Joined for Hope and the Amazing Raiders Club are doing their part to make Rouse a more positive place. RJH meets the first Friday of every month during Advocate, and ARC meets on A-day Fridays during second period Advocate.

    “I was asked by a student to be the first RJH sponsor and help start the club,” co-sponsor Marguerite Swilling said. “She had personally experienced the trauma of loss to suicide while in my class the year before, so I felt it would be a way to help her and to help others. I have loved being a sponsor for these caring, hard-working students.”

    RJH is a student led organization with two sponsors, Swilling and AVID teacher Kathleen Forsell. The group is dedicated to spreading positive messages and making sure students who are battling life feel like they have allies who understand them. In addition, members want everyone to know that if they are struggling, it is important to get help.

    “Just knowing there is a place where you can do something – big or small, is what is important to many students who are part of this group,” Forsell said. “They are continuing to make RHS a positive place by spreading messages of hope in and around the building.”

    More than 50 people came to the first RJH meeting of the year. Students made intent bracelets and encouraged participants to put something meaningful on their bracelet, so they’d have a daily reminder. At the meeting, members also planned out their Suicide Prevention Week campaign, where each day had a different theme.

    “We were trying to encourage students to come to club meetings and be involved as much as possible,” club secretary Madeline Rose said. “We want students to be comfortable going to someone for help. Get help, help works, is our big thing.”

    This year so far, RJH has put up encouraging signs in all of the bathrooms to share positive messages throughout the school. They’ve also painted rocks and put them outside for people to either look at or pick up and keep a reminder.

    “Raiders Joined for Hope is providing a variation of positive messages and encouragement, so we can help any student who may feel alone,” President Annabeth Stover said. “We’ve worked on creating a culture of positivity through projects like the bathroom decals and the my intent bracelets. Hopefully, we’ve helped lead students to think more positively and know their worth.”

    The Amazing Raiders Club, another inclusive organization that promotes positivity, organizes adapted activities for students with special needs. ARC makes sure all students feel included and teaches the student body that special needs students are no different than any other peer.

    “About a year and a half ago I was very selfish, and I had lost my why,” ARC co-sponsor Corey Elrod said. “This club is now a part of my why and a way for me to give back.”

     ARC is working to keep Rouse positive by reminding everyone to be kind to others, no matter their situation. The group meets once a month and incorporates activities like sitting with special needs students at pep rallies to keep them included in all school events.

    Club president Megan Olds said she joined ARC her freshman year because she has always had a passion for working with special needs kids.

    “This club means a lot to me because I know these students don’t get included in most things,” Olds said. “I really want to change that and show them they aren’t any different than us. It makes me feel good seeing our special needs students involved in things around school and just seeing them happy.”

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