Personality Quiz

photo courtesy of Google images

Ilana Williams, Staffer

Personality quizzes are a great way to pass time. Whether you’re waiting for your turn at the doctor’s office or bored at home, personality tests never fail to keep you interested. Take this one to find out what kind of person you are.


Are you more:
A. Sweet
B. Savory

Are you a:
A.Early Bird
B. Night Owl

You’re waiting in a line, so you:
A. Talk to the person next to you
B. Use your phone

Are you more:
A. Messy
B. Organized

You listen to your:
A. Head
B. Heart

You are:
A. Logical
B. Emotional

Your outlook is:
A. Pessimistic
B. Optimistic

You prefer:
A. Cats
B. Dogs

Your drink of choice is:
A. Coffee
B. Tea

You have a:
A. Android
B. iPhone

You wear:
A. Glasses
B. Contacts

You prefer:
A. Black/Blue Pens
B. Colored Pens


Mostly A’s:
You like more complex problems. People may base their decisions off of logic rather than emotion. You may be all work and no play, but you do have your moments. Some people may describe you as mature, however, that doesn’t make you boring. Whether it’s binge watching your favorite shows in peace, or laughing with your closest friends, you always know how to have fun.

Mostly B’s:
You tend to be the more creative friend. Whenever you’re assigned a project, you go all out, which earns you the 5 extra points. You’re always discovering new adventures, and people tend to like your positive energy. You also know when to calm down to accomplish a task.