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Araceli Cruz Gonzalez, Online Editor

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Vacations can be fun when you are with family and friends but if you could plan your own trip what would you do? Here is what some students had to say.


“I would go to New Orleans by myself. I’ve been there before and would like to see the French Quarter again. It’s really beautiful. I would also like to go to South Africa one day.” Allen Torres, 12

“ I would go to England and take one of my closest friends with me. I would visit the museums, the historical places, the restaurants and the music festivals. I have been there once, but I want to experience more about it.” Rebecca Kirby, 12

“Going back to Pensacola, Florida, would be my dream vacation. I was born there, so I would go back to visit family and do some fishing. There’s not a massive amount of tourism there, like California, which makes it nice.” Jared Garrett, 11

“I would probably travel to different places with my friends. In Asia, I would go to Korea, Japan and Hong Kong, or in Europe, I would go to Spain, Portugal, France and Germany. It would also be great to see the Seven Wonders of the World.” Ciana Cook, 11

“I don’t really like to travel, so I don’t know. I guess I would stay at home and play video games. It’s what I usually do. My whole summer just involves taking a break from school, which, to me, is the best vacation.” Mathew Ison 10

“I would vacation with my family in Sweden, because a lot of my ancestors are from there. I would visit historical sites, learn their culture and try their food. I would then visit France.” Lauren Colby, 10

“I would go to Paris with my family. I really like window shopping and sightseeing, and I think Paris would be the perfect place to do that. It’s really big, and I’m sure there are lots of things to do there, as well as other places in Europe.” Grace Bassari 9

“My dream vacation would be to go to the mountains, or somewhere serene like that. Maybe the Alps. I’m a fan of Europe, so I might check that out. I would hike and camp, as well as enjoy music and try to write.” Haddon Stauffer 9

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