Summer Horoscopes

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Summer Horoscopes

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Brandon Lemus, Staffer

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Love- Rams who are currently in a relationship will find themselves having more time to give to their loved one, while single rams will find a new and beautiful love will be given a spotlight during the later summer months.

Luck/ Fitness- This summer, your physical form must be recovered due to mental stress from the spring. Take a few hours out of each day to dedicate to self care.



Love- It’s all about new perspective for you this summer, bulls. A new love is approaching while former relationship will start to close and become harder to recover.

Luck/Fitness- this summer, be prepared to not relax despite coming vacations. Some changes will be made that will bring happiness later.



Love- This summer will be very fun for you this year. Any kind of new love will be full of positivity and can be very lasting.

Luck/Fitness- a challenge you must face this summer is being able to balance out your work with relaxation. If you do not achieve this, your summer could be filled with stress.



Love- Summer will bring an increase in your lack of communication with your partner that will leave them questioning your emotional detachment. Any crabs who are single will need to be wary of new relationships due to Saturn preventing you from prioritizing love.

Luck/Fitness- Beware stressing out too much this summer, crustaceans, Saturn and Jupiter will be working against each other which will cause some problems, but by the end of the summer you will see that it wasn’t for nothing.



Love- For lions in a relationship, this summer will call for you to make an important decision, but try not to worry; it should be a good one. As for the single lions, brace yourself for a wave of good feeling and a beautiful love.

Luck/Fitness- You will need to make some important changes this summer and you will need to have your feet firmly planted.



Love- If in a current relationship, don’t worry about it, because things will smooth over. As for single virgos, prepare for a sudden romance that will bring good vibes.

Luck/Fitness- Work and love life will be given positive energy. However, your physical health will need some recharging.



Love- For those who are in a relationship, avoid making promises that cannot be kept. Singles, enjoy your summer and meeting new people.

Luck/fitness- Your physical health will be at a high peak in the early summer months while your health will fall in the later months. Be careful, libras. Take it slow.



Love- Do not underestimate friendships, single scorpions. You will have some amazing meeting that could blossom into more. Scorpios in relationships, currently prepare to have a blissful vacation with your loved one.

Luck/Fitness- This summer will give you more time to recuperate and will give many opportunities to carry good energy. This in turn will bring good luck.



Love- The past years may have put stresses on your relationships. For those currently with someone, be prepared, for this summer will be the same. Singles, on the other hand, will meet some really good candidates.  

Luck/Fitness- This is an excellent time to recover energy and optimism.



Love-  This summer, love will not be a top priority. Singles and those who are in a relationship will be immersed in their work, so take a step back to breathe.

Luck/Fitness- You will have plenty of energy this summer, but unfortunately the only place it will be used is in the workplace. Try to stay focused on what’s really important, or you’ll find yourself fatigued in all aspects.



Love- For those currently in a relationship, you will have a less stressful time in the area of your relationships that require sentiment. For those who are single, unfortunately you will not have positive energy coming your way this summer.

Luck/Fitness- You must find time to relax and recharge, or you will find your physical health declining in quality.



Love- For singles, you should aim to go out and attend new events due to this summer being the perfect time to start something. As for those who are currently in a relationship, this is an excellent time to start new projects and have fun.

Luck/Fitness- This summer will allow for excellent mental and physical health. Along with this, prepare to receive words of good news.

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