Young Artist Contest Winners

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Young Artist Contest Winners

Emilly Rowe, Co - Editor in Chief

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    Three of the school’s band students were named the winners of the program’s Young Artist Competition. Senior Nathaniel Northcut won the contest on clarinet, freshman Katie Peeples placed second on clarinet and sophomore Nathaniel Perry placed third on tenor saxophone.

    The preliminary round of competition was held Feb. 11, where all band students were required to perform. Only 18 musicians were selected to advance to the semifinal round.

    “Everyone performed their solo after school and played it with their accompaniment,” Northcut said. “The first students started playing at 4:30 and the last one started at 7:30. Everyone played in a private room with instrument specific judges. Students came, played, and the next person played. It was a big ordeal.”

    Semi-finals took place after school Feb. 20 and the list was shortened to eight students who  advanced to the final round.

    “Those who made semi-finals had a week and two days to prepare,” Northcut said. “We played in the band hall in front of the directors. It was just us and the directors, with no accompaniment. That was hard for some pieces but better for other ones. We just cranked them out, and It was really informal. The directors chose the final eight people, and it was a really big deal. We had a concert in the auditorium, and every single person in the band program was required to attend.”

    Because they placed in the top three, Northcut, Peeples and Perry received scholarships to use for college or to apply toward band fees for upcoming years.

    “Winning the top award was special to me,” Northcut said. “I’m going to be a music major in college, so getting recognition for what I’ve worked really hard on and playing my piece to the best of my ability felt really good.”



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