League of Legends Tourney

Thanh Hellman, Staffer

   The Video Game Club will host a League of Legends tourney, Feb. 10 for anyone interested in the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game. Seniors Erik Bari Dos Reis and Alek Bari Dos Reis, or Erik and Alek BDR as known by other students, are the two students who organized the event.

    “League of Legends is one of our favorite games,” Erik said. “With that in mind, we wanted to do something. League of Legends is also an e-sport, so hosting a LOL Tourney not only serves to continue this growing industry, but also allows for people in our school to meet new players. It’s a way to get people who play League of Legends together in a fun and rewarding way.”

    Erik came up with the idea to hold a LOL tourney after hearing about another school holding their own tournament.

    “Erik first played the game a few years ago briefly during season 2,” Alek said. “We didn’t really start playing till season 3, when most of my friends also download and started to play. Not only was it free (which is why we tried it in the first place), but we wanted to meet others who were playing.”

    Last year’s tournament had a total of 25 players, which is equal to five teams. This year the Video Game Club expects to have at least 45 players, or nine teams, and are hoping for at least 15 players to make teams of three.

    Anyone who wants to enter the LOL tournament, can sign up through the RHS web store for tickets, which are $15 per person, and includes pizza. Players can also sign up entire teams through the webstore. For more specifics about the tournament, such as desired lane and play style, go to the google form https://goo.gl/Mn47xG.

    According to Video Game Club Sponsor, Laurel Taylor, all proceeds from the tournament registration will be donated to Extra Life, an organization that supports local children’s hospitals through gaming marathons.

  “Anyone who would like to donate to our team effort or has a friend or family member who would like to contribute, can do so at our fundraising page,” Taylor said. “We will also accept cash or checks made out to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.”