Raider Read-a-thon

Rachel Schneidereit, Co-Editor in Chief

     All clubs have the opportunity to be involved in this year’s Raider Read-a-thon, and tomorrow is the deadline to sign up. Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, FCCLA has organized the Read-a-thon for the annual STAR Event competition, March 26, from 6-8 p.m.

    “The alarming statistics of illiteracy rates in America motivated us to want to do something to change that in our Leander schools,” FCCLA president Katherine Goertz said. “We’re hoping to get every club involved.”

    At the event, each club involved will read a book pertaining to their club, and complete an activity in correspondence. The Read-a-thon is put on for the benefit of our feeder elementary schools.

    “We want it to look like the trunk-or-treat set up, and trunk-or-treat had an awesome turnout, the kids were having so much fun so we’re wanting to get the kids excited and motivated about reading and education in general,” Goertz said. “ In order for this to be a successful event we need help from you.”

    Clubs can either have their book and activity selected for them by FCCLA, or have the option to submit their book and activity for approval when signing up to participate.

    “If your club chooses to participate, we will be sending out more detailed information this semester,” Goertz said. “the FCCLA mission is to encourage leadership in community and growth in family relations and to also encourage individual and group involvement to help better the community.”