A Little Birdie Told Me

Araceli Cruz Gonzalez, Online Editor

Raider golf teams have had several successful tournaments since the beginning of the school year. The Junior Varsity team placed third place in their first competition the Bastrop Invitational at Colovista Golf Club, where the girls team was only a few strokes away from beating the school record.
“I was very proud of the team’s performance,” Coach Mike Hilsabeck said. “Golf is a game that is humbling and difficult, and since golfers can’t play defense, all they can do is their best. I’m looking forward to seeing how much our kids improve this year.”
The team has a rigorous practice schedule, playing the course on Mondays and Tuesdays at the Crystal Falls Golf Club and working on skills in a short range at Rouse on Wednesdays. Thursdays are for qualifying team rankings.
“Everything is mental, so we try to keep our composure and stay focused,” junior Matthew Myers said. “That’s how you get better, you don’t think about whether it’s going to be a bad shot or a good shot. You just go along with it. You’re only as good as your next shot, so you can’t worry about a bad one and just keep moving forward.”
Even though it is still early in the season, and cold weather is starting to come in, the players are determined to keep up their skills and advance to a high level of competition.
“Focusing on priorities like practice will help us improve,” junior Dorothy Rust said. “We play really well as a team, and if we work hard and have a good mindset, we definitely have a chance at state.”
Team members will take a break from competing in January but will gear up again with tournaments in February. Hilsabeck said the players will stay motivated, though.
“Golf is a game that constantly challenges players to improve,” he said. “Golfers understand this and motivation comes from that constant desire. If they improve their games, the competitiveness will take care of itself.”
During the break in the season, if the weather doesn’t cooperate, the team will not practice. Otherwise, they will continue preparation for future tournaments.
“Each time you play in a tournament, it’s about you and your score,” senior Payton Wilson said. “If you can focus on that and not get too worked up about a bad stroke, it it can actually be really fun. Golf requires you to leave the rest of the world behind, because you’re there, living in that moment.”